Top 5 Weird Mental Disorders

One day, I was looking at numerous articles on the internet until I ran into a website about weird mental disorders. Really, it was one of the most fascinating mental disorders I’ve ever heard of and I just had to share this with you guys. Not a lot of people have these mental disorders, but if you do, well…good luck.  

1.Stockholm Syndrome: The Stockholm Syndrome is a psychological response that a hostage has, feeling sympathy, loyalty, or have voluntary compliance with the hostage holder (HAHAHA). This syndrome was named after a robbery in Stockholm, Sweden, when the hostages became emotionally attached to the hostage holders. The victims even defended the hostage holders, and refused to testify against them. After the hostage holders were sentenced to jail, one of them married the woman that had been his hostage.

2. The Paris Syndrome: The Paris Syndrome is a condition that many Japanese tourists and nationals develope during their trip in Paris. Out of the millions of Japanese tourists that visit Paris, about a dozen develope this syndrome each year, and end up going back to their homeland immediately. Basically, this is a culture shock. When the polite Japanese tourists come to Paris and are unable to separate their idyllic view of the city with the reality of the rude people (ex. a rude waitress), they are unable to argue back. From all the stress that builds inside them, they develope the Paris Syndrome, a severe culture shock, which needs treatement from the hospital if necessary.  

3. Stendhal Syndrome: The stendhal syndrome is psychosomatic illness that makes one dizzy, have rapid heartbeat, hallucinations, and confusion, when one is exposed to an artwork. This is most likely to happen when an art work is extremely ‘beautiful’ or if a large amount of art pieces are in a small or single place. Pretty interesting, huh? 

4. The Capgras Delusion and the Fregoli Delusion: The Capgras delusion is a delusional belief that a spouse, or a close family member has been replaced by an imposter who looks identical to that person. This is a common disorder for people with schizophrenia or severe brain damage/injury. On the other hand, the Fregoli Delusion is the exact opposite of the Capgras Delusion. People with the Fregoli Delusion thinks that a person thinks that different people are actually just one single person.

5. The Cotard Delusion: The cotard delusion is a rare disorder one has, which is having a delusion that he or she is dead or does not exist at all. Some with this mental disorder even believe that he or she has lost a tremendous amount of blood or internal organs. This was named after a French neurologist named Jules Cotard during his lecture in Paris.

A brain disorder is one of the scariest things that can go wrong, so to all of you, take good care of your bodies and always stay healthy! : )


Top Five Ways to Get Over a Guy/ Girl

OHHHHH yes, we all have those times when the ones we liked were just not that into us. Whether it was a break up or just a simple crush, we all need a way to get over that ‘special’ person. Is he/she ignoring you or taking you for granted? Well I say that now is the perfect time for you to MOVE ON! You will no longer have to cry to sleep every night or feel bad about yourself. Try these simple steps and get going on your life! : )


ONE. Get rid of all those sad cheesy love songs on your ipod and say HELLO to rap music. Slow love songs will just make you sick to the stomach. In order to put away your feelings for that ‘person you’re trying to get rid of’, you will have to STOP thinking about them. Not only is rap music cheerful, but you will unexpectedly start memorizing the lyrics. Instead of thinking about the ‘beautiful’ things that your lover did, you will automatically start saying things like ‘GGGG G-UNIT!’ Some rap songs may be inappropriate, but no problem! As long as you’re not rapping in public, you should be fine. I would recommend raps by T.I, 50 Cent, and Pitbull. Some songs to check out would be In da Club by 50 Cent and Live Your Life by T.I. Stop singing and start rapping!

TWO. Look HOT. That’s right, that’s what I said, LOOK HOT! If you don’t usually work out, start working out and tone up those arms/legs. Look in the mirror and start feeling better about yourself. The next time that person see’s you, they will wonder why in the world they never asked you out (in this case, make sure you give them the ‘nuh-uh, you aint getting any of this’ look). Be more glamorous than ever and wear what you want. Start raising your self esteem and move on with your new fresh life.

THREE. Delete them from your life. Do you constantly see their updates on facebook? Are they now in a relationship with yet another person and are you hurt by this? Well, with just a simple click, you can delete them from your life. Make sure you delete them from your phone and MSN as well. The less you see them, the less you will think about them. Nothing could be easier than this. : )

FOUR. Catch up with the things you like. Yes, we’ve all been there before. Most of us have changed ourselves for that special person to notice us. For example, lets say that Stacy, the pop obsessed girl started to like Bobby, the ghetto rapper. To match up to his standards, poor Stacy changed herself into a ‘gangster’. She would always approach Bobby with a ‘Whats goin down dawg?‘ greeting and started listening to rappers that she never liked. In this case, she needs to GET OVER HIM and start to go back to the pop obsessed person she was. You should never changed yourself to make someone like you. Find someone who can like you for the way you are.

FIVE. Okay, this may not be the best way to get over someone, but START liking someone else. There are more men and women in this world than little m&m’s. The person you liked is not the only girl/boy in this world that can fulfill your needs. Start making new friends, socialize, get new phone numbers and move on with your life! Some people wait for years and years for just that one person, but in the end, they fail (not all, but most).


Now, if you follow those five simple steps, you will have an easier time getting over that special someone. It may take some time, but it’s worth it. Don’t let that person make you down or feel low, because each and every one of you are special. Take a walk, smell the fresh air, and get going on your feet, because somewhere out there is a special person for you. 🙂

Top 15 Things To Do on a Boring Plane Ride

Yes, we all have those times when we had absolutely NOTHING to do on our long and painful plane ride. Some time of travel even exceeds over 14 hours, which can indeed drive you CRAZY. Are you tired of just sitting on your seat and having nothing to do on a plane? In that case, this blog post is perfect for you. By reading these 15 things you can do on a boring plane ride, I can guarantee you that your next flight will be amazing. Now take a seat and just relax, this won’t take long.

1). Act gangster and make sure you ask the person next to you, not what’s up, but ‘wuddap dawg?’

2). Turn on Hannah Montana’s latest tunes and sing along outloud.

3). If you see a cute guy/girl, start a conversation.

4). Don’t just walk down the aisle, but make sure you dance down.

5). Ask, “Are we there yet?” to the person next to you. Every five minutes that is.

6). Poke the person sitting next to you, and when they look at you, act like your sleeping. Repeat this step until you’re entertained.

7). Make farting noises with your hands.

8). Put the free earphone in your bag and complain that you never got one.

9). Take a look at the people around you and pair them up as couples.

10). Ask a random person for an autograph.

11). Take pictures of yourself and feel satisfied.

12). Eavesdrop on someone else’s conversation.

13). Turn your personal light on and off. Repeatedly.

14). Skim through all the in-flight movies until you see Brad Pitt.

15). Think about your favorite celebrities turning bald and try not to laugh. Make sure you don’t count Britney Spears.

Well, thats all folks! Try these on your next long flight and see if you become entertained. Long flights don’t always need to be boring. Make sure however, that you don’t over do anything to make your flight mates too annoyed, or anything that would get you arrested. Have a great trip! 🙂

Top 15 Ways a Teenager Knows They’re in Love

Yes, we all have that special someone that we attracted to; but the question is, do you really like this person? Maybe your feelings are more than just a simple crush.
Read these ten facts and figure out if what your feeling is truly that flamming love. If more than 10 of these apply to you, I’m telling you that YOU’RE IN LOVE.



1. When you eat something delicious you wish that that SPECIAL someone could eat that and taste it too.

2. As soon as you log into facebook, you go to that special someone’s account and wonder what to write on their wall for minutes.

3. When they text message you, you get all excited and brag to your friends.

4. Your heart starts pounding extremely fast when they walk past you or starts talking to you.

5. You get EXTREMELY jealous when other girls/boys talk or flirt with that person and your whole day seems ruined.

6. You plan hang outs and ask your other friends to invite that person so it looks like YOU weren’t the one who invited them

7. You ask that special person’s friends to ask them what he/she thinks of you.

8. You wake up earlier in the morning to get ready for school.

9. You randomly smile from time to time without any reason and your friends think you’re CRAZY.

10. (Ladies) You start going on a diet to get more in shape. (Boys) You start working out to impress your girl in PE class.

11. You decorate that person’s locker on their birthday. When that person says ‘thank you’ you say that its alright and that it didn’t take that long, when actually, it took you all night.

12. You buy him/her candy grams in school on valentines day or special events and leave it annonymous.

13. You ‘accidentally’ bump into that person on the same day, same time, and same place..

14. You get worried when that person turns sick and you buy them medicine. To not make it obvious that you like them, you avoid eye contact when giving the medicine and say that you had it instead of you mentioning that you bought it..


***(HIGHLIGHT)***15. You’ve always hated Whitney Houston and Mariah Carey but suddenly their songs seem to communicate with you. You’re top 25 most played songs list on your ipod turns from rap songs to cheesy love songs.  


So those of you who are in love, take a chance and make a move! Life is way too short to waste. : ) And IF that special person says no, don’t give up! If you guys are really meant for each other, the earth will have its ways of bringing you two together.

Top Disney Movie/Music of All Times

W A L T  D I S N E Y

Walt Disney is one of the top companies that produced the famous animated movies we used to watch as a kid. A few days ago, I started rewatching the movies I used to love when I was younger. Surprisingly, the movies gave me a whole new meaning and I was suprised as to how much I have grown over the years. I never got the reason to why adults watched animations, because I thought that animations were made for kids…Now, which is ten years later, I understand why so many adults watch Disney’s animations; it’s simply genious.

Now, when you ask which Disney movie is the best, I’d have to answer that its Lion King without a doubt! Not only does the but movie portray a STRONG theme of ‘the circle of life,’ but The Lion King has the most POWERFUL music of all times. The movie itself is great, but the music definitely spices it up. Below I will focus on the best music of this movie and share with you some interesting facts.

THE OPENING SONG/ “The Circle of Life”: Yes, we ALL love the opening song and we’ve all made fun of the African jibberish part in the beginning of the song, atleast once in our lives. Just in case you guys were curious, I’ve googled the translation to the African part, and its extremely interesting (HAHA). Take a look:

Nants ingonyama bagithi baba

Sithi uhhmm ingoyama

Nants ingonyama bagithi baba

Sithi uhhmm ingonyama


Siyo Nqoba


Ingonyama nengw’ enamabaal (repeat 5 times)

Ingonyama nengw’ enamabala

Ingonyama nengw’ enamabala (repeat)


There comes a lion (Awesome.)

Oh yes, it’s a lion (Oh yes..)

There comes a lion (Again?)

Oh yes, its a lion (..)

We’re going to conquer (Hahaha nice.)

It’s a lion and a tiger (repeat 5 times) (Hmm…)

Se-to-Kwa (What ?)

Asana (???)

So basically, the song talks about the circle of life. The part I’ve written above is just the African intro, but the rest of the song is pretty nice. It’s sung by Carmen Twillie, and the African part is sung by Lebo M and his African choir. Pretty fascinating right?

THE HAPPY SONG /”Hakuna Matata”: I just love the happy tone of this song since my favorite characters (Simon and Pumbaa) sing it. The song starts playing when Timon and Pumbaa welcomes Simba to their jungle and their moto of ‘Hakuna Matata’. What’s Hakuna Matata? Well, Simon and Pumbaa says that, “It means no worries for the rest of your days. It’s our problem free philosophy.”  So basically, when your down, give this song a shot. Timon and Pumbaa will cheer you up for sure 😉

THE LOVE SONG/ “Can you feel the love tonight?”: Oh yes, every Disney has the theme of love. For this particular movie, the love focuses on Simba and Nala. It plays when Nala and Simba meets the first time as adults and falls in love. The song has Simon, Nala, and Pumba singing, basically about their thoughts towards love. This song won the Oscar Award for Best Original Song during the 67th Academy Awards and was made by ATEENS in their Disney Mania Album. The lyrics are romantic and the song itself is in a relaxing tune. Sometimes I get goosebumps to this song but the song is pretty nice. For those who are in love, I recommend this song to you ;). The chorus goes:

Can you feel the love tonight

It is where we are

It’s enough for this wide eyed wanderer

That we got this far…


The Lion King has many other songs such as ‘I Just Can’t Wait to Be King’ and ‘Be Prepared,’ but the top three songs definitely are the ones that I’ve written above.

Don’t forget to watch the movie. The story is about Simba, a cub, born to King Mufasa and Queen Sarabi at Pride Rock. Mufasa teaches his son about ‘the circle of life’ and how to rule the Pride Lands, so that Simba would be aware of everything during his future as King. However, due to Mufasa’s evil brother Scar, Mufasa faces a fast death and Simba is left to ponder around the forest. Simba meets two new friends in the forest (one of my favorite characters) Simon and Pumbaa, and together they grow into a family. Soon, Simba becomes an adult and his position as King awaits him. I won’t spoil the rest for you because you definitely should watch this movie.

It’s simply a masterpiece.

Top 50 Things You Should Do Before You Die

Life is unexpecting in every kind of way. We should always appreciate life and most importantly, HAVE FUN.  Life is way too short which is why I will share with you the top 50 things we should try to do before we die.

1. Go outer space and wave at the earth hello.

2. Eat junkfood the whole day and be a couch potato.

3. Go to an amusement park and ride the same ride over and over again until you throw up.

4. Talk to a mannequin and hope they reply.

5. If you see a movie production taking place, go and wave infront of the camera.

6. Meet Paris Hilton and feel better about yourself.

7. Give money to a homeless nearby.

8. Write your phone number on the bathroom wall.

9. Give your mom a present on your birthday and say ‘thank you’.

10. Go to a beach and send a message in a bottle.

11. Become an audience in Oprah’s show.

12. Audition for Americas Next Top Model and Project runway.

13. Go to Hollywood and walk around until you see a celebrity.

14. Ride a random bus and see where it takes you.

15. Learn how to do the salsa dance.

16. Make all kinds of Kimchi.

17. Go scuba diving and wave at sharks.

18. Draw a self portrait and make it look prettier than you actually look.

19. Run up a stage when your favorite singer is performing.

20. Change the time on your clock and go back to sleep.

21. Look at yourself in a mirror and smile.

22. Write a novel about your life.

23. Go to London and meet Prince Williams.

24. Shake hands with Obama.

25. Go to a rock concert and scream as loud as you can.

26. Dance with Justin Timberlake and wish that day never ends.

27. Become a member of the High School Musical.

28. Play an instrument that you’ve never thought of playing.

29. Sleep in a haunted house with your friends.

30. Go camping with a tent in your backyard.

31. Write a letter to yourself and open it 10 years later.

32. Take a picture with your family and put it in your wallet.

33. Go to New York City and meet Chuck Bass.

34. Do the titanic pose on a ship when everyone is watching.

35. Sleepwalk like Lucy from Dracula

36. Go to a random party and make friends.

37. Give cookies to your neighbors.

38. Go to a slot machine in Last Vegas and hope you become a millionaire.

39. Think that you’re gossip girl and send everyone the hottest gossip.

40. Ride an elephant.

41. Help people who are in desperate need of your help.

42. Ride a hot air balloon by yourself and overcome your fear.

43. Go shopping and buy nothing.

44. Run a big marathon and try finishing it.

45. Watch a live performance by your favorite singer and ask for an autograph.

46. Give your seat to an elder on a public transportation by actling like you’re getting off the next stop instead of telling them, “Here, take my seat”.

47. Earn money and spend it all on one day.

48. Go to Paris and eat bread from an expensive bakery.

49. Appreciate and take care of your family.

50. Fall passionately in love and hope that feeling never ends.

Top Five Ways to Lose Weight


Yes, shockingly I’ve managed to lose 13 pounds over the past month. I’ve tried about every single ty[es pf diet existing on the planet, but I’ll share with you the top five ones that actually WORK. Don’t worry, its actually not as hard as you think. Summer’s kicking in soon, so get started right away! : )

FIRST. The most important way of losing weight is..(drum roll please..) EXERCISE!! Yes ladies and gentlemen, whether you like it or not, exercising is the healthiest way of losing weight. Speed walking an hour a day can help you lose up to 6 or 7 pounds a week. Remember, cardio exercises help you lose weight in a faster pace. It’s always important though, to exercise daily because once you stop, so will the number of pounds you will drop. Always remember to commit. Even 30 minutes a day can help you lose a couple pounds.

SECOND. This may be one of the hardest things to do, but you must learn how to CONTROL the amount of food you consume. Too much or too little can damage your health severely. If you’re planning to lose weight, always think about what you’re eating. ‘How many calories does this have? How much do I want? Am I too full or did I have just enough?’ These questions are something you always have to think about during a diet, and I can guarantee that cutting your amount of food can result quicker and healthier weight loss. One thing to be aware of is to NEVER starve yourself. Starving will leave you stressed, cranky, unfocused, and most importantly, UNHEALTHY. Starving may be the quickest way of losing weight, but as soon as you start eating your weight will start doubling up!

THIRD. This yet again, is one of the hardest things I had to win through which was to RESIST. Do you usually eat snacks like chips, cookies, soft drinks, and other unhealthy snacks during sometime of your day? Sorry, but it’s time to say bye bye to fattening snacks and say hello to vegetables. Resisting the foods you love is the key factor to weight loss. My friends used to eat all sorts of things when I was on my diet such as cookies, chips, and all sorts of things, but in the end I learned how to resist. Fighting your temptation will give you that much positive results. The phrase I had in my head the whole time they ate infront of me was ‘HAHA! They’re consuming those calories while i’m NOT!’. Always be positive and remember, RESIST! You can eat healthy vegetables as a quick snack or kick in some healthy fruits.

FOURTH. This is one of the easiest step that helped me through my diet, which was drinking enough WATER. Drinking water will help flush the toxins in your body as well as burn your fat. It is scientifically proven that an average person should drink sixty four ounces of water a day in order to cleanse the cells and hydrates of the body. Water will also make your stomach feel full which will allow you to consume less food. One last thing is to never drink water WITH your meals. Eating and drinking at the same time will prevent the water from flushing your toxins, but instead it will make you gain weight. The best time to drink water is any time before 30 minutes of your meal and 30 minutes after your meal. So remember, drink drink drink! : )

FIFTH. Many people don’t do this, but I couldn’t have continued my dieting if it weren’t for this. What is it you ask? Its..REWARDING myself. When I try losing weight, I barely eat the food that I want (fattening food like chips, cookies, any thing sweet). However, continuing on without those can lead you into desperation and you can suddenly consume an ENORMOUS amount which will make you give up on your diet. Once a month, I eat something I want in a small porportion to reward myself in losing weight. It’s important that you don’t consume much since it will boost up your weight back up. Remember, don’t reward yourself TOO much or else you will return to your old weight which would be a total bummer.

OPTIONAL. I did this during my diet since it helped me lose weight in a faster pace, which was to ‘never eat anything after 6 P.M.’ Those of you who are students, this will be hard and tempting since you have to study late, but once you try it, you’ll get used to it! My first few days were painful, but after a week, I was perfectly fine. So remember, eat your breakfast, lunch, and dinner before 6 P.M. I can guarantee that it could help you lose weight quicker.

(Now thats the spirit! I love how optimistic she looks.)

So ALL of you who are wanting to look gorgeous during the summer, try these simple steps and get going! It’s always important to be healthy and have confidence in yourself. For those of you who will try this, tell me your results! I’d be more than happy to hear from you guys. : )


This Seasons Top Fashion Item

You see them here, you see them there, you see them everywhere!

Ladies and gentlemen, leather jackets are the hot item of the season. Whether you walk in the mall, park, or anywhere, you will see more than half the people wearing leather jackets. So get your purse and hit the mall! Leather jackets are trendy, but you can still wear them from time to time. Remember, trends repeat.

Worried about what to wear under the jacket? It’s simple.

You can…

-Wear a blouse..

(Armani Exchange leather jacket) 

-Wear a plain shirt..

(Prada leather jacket)

-Or just wear a plain cami..

(Armani leather Jacket)


You don’t need to get leather jackets from all these high and expensive brands as listed above.

In fact, you can buy cheap leather jackets anywhere.

I’d recommend for you to go to:

-Lotte Mall in Myondong during sale season (March).

-Dong Dae Moon: Doota 1st floor.  

-Giordano (Anywhere in Korea) 







15 Facts About Me : )

1. I like eating apples with peanut butter.

2. I’ve lived in Tennessee, New York, New Jersey, and Virginia.

3. I can own you in blockles 🙂

4. I hope to become famous one day.

5. I’d be absolutely nothing without my friends.

6. I wanted to be a ballerina when I was 5 years old. (Not anymore!)

7. My family members are my inspiration.

8. I like rapping to 50 cent’s songs.

9. I have the same birthday as my sister.

10. My favorite movie is Billy Elliot. (<- GO WATCH IT!)

11. I think Gossip Girl is the best show in the world.

12. Korean Drama series’ don’t amuse me but I still like KotNam.

13. I want to marry Edward Cullens.

14. Art is my favorite subject : )

15. Last but not least, fashion designing is my goal, my dream, and my passion.

pamsonique님이 촬영한 Ilustración #3.

(Image by Flicker: ID: pamsonique)