Top 15 Things To Do on a Boring Plane Ride

Yes, we all have those times when we had absolutely NOTHING to do on our long and painful plane ride. Some time of travel even exceeds over 14 hours, which can indeed drive you CRAZY. Are you tired of just sitting on your seat and having nothing to do on a plane? In that case, this blog post is perfect for you. By reading these 15 things you can do on a boring plane ride, I can guarantee you that your next flight will be amazing. Now take a seat and just relax, this won’t take long.

1). Act gangster and make sure you ask the person next to you, not what’s up, but ‘wuddap dawg?’

2). Turn on Hannah Montana’s latest tunes and sing along outloud.

3). If you see a cute guy/girl, start a conversation.

4). Don’t just walk down the aisle, but make sure you dance down.

5). Ask, “Are we there yet?” to the person next to you. Every five minutes that is.

6). Poke the person sitting next to you, and when they look at you, act like your sleeping. Repeat this step until you’re entertained.

7). Make farting noises with your hands.

8). Put the free earphone in your bag and complain that you never got one.

9). Take a look at the people around you and pair them up as couples.

10). Ask a random person for an autograph.

11). Take pictures of yourself and feel satisfied.

12). Eavesdrop on someone else’s conversation.

13). Turn your personal light on and off. Repeatedly.

14). Skim through all the in-flight movies until you see Brad Pitt.

15). Think about your favorite celebrities turning bald and try not to laugh. Make sure you don’t count Britney Spears.

Well, thats all folks! Try these on your next long flight and see if you become entertained. Long flights don’t always need to be boring. Make sure however, that you don’t over do anything to make your flight mates too annoyed, or anything that would get you arrested. Have a great trip! 🙂

2 thoughts on “Top 15 Things To Do on a Boring Plane Ride

  1. Hahahahaha 😀
    Seriously Cindy this post was hilarious! Especially imagining you doing all these things. 🙂 So, yeah..I am one of those many people who suffered from long airline trips and guess what I do? I tend to stick to the typical listening to my iPod, playing games on my brother’s electronic devices, Madlibs with my brother (where you fill in the blanks and make a funny story), go to the bathroom like a gazillion times just because I have nothing to do, watch the endless re-runs of movies until I’ve completely memorized which movie is playing and its schedule, and of course, SLEEP. But, you know what? The next time I go on an airplane I’ll have this list in mind and try to actually have some fun on the plane. Oh gosh, I feel bad for the guy/girl who will be sitting next to me! 😛

  2. I’m sure we’ll be arrested.
    ahahahahahah anyways,
    I hope the person next to me is.. someone I know:(
    or else I weally mwight bwe awested. (I really might be arrested)
    anyways funny post 🙂

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